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Test to see if the problem is resolved. http://www.cemerson.co.uk Stormrider @TheBuzzSaw Not really practical though is it? Method 2: Tricking Windows into letting you reinstall IE6 Since you already have Internet Explorer 6 installed the operating system will not allow you to reinstall over the existing installation. It is far safer, cleaner and more maintainable to override styles in a browser-specific stylesheet delivered with the use of Conditional Comments.

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How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

News Featured Latest Headphones Can Be Used to Record Nearby Audio and Spy on You Russia Asks Opera to Implement Site Blocking Filters in Its Turbo Mode WordPress Update Process Puts Method 1: Using the System File Checker This method will scan all protected system files and restore ones that it finds do not match its internal database. Then there is also the added issue (that Dan mentioned) where IE7 fails when the !important hack is used for minimum height in a 100% height situation. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

IE6 still accounts for 1 in 5 internet users and you cannot ignore it." It's not about ignoring IE6, it is about the priority at which you address IE6. Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 11 Windows Vista - Internet Explorer 9 Windows XP - Internet Explorer 8 3 Run the installer. See the following guides for instructions on installing specific versions: Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Community Q&A Search Add New Question Unanswered Questions Why my screen goes black Download Internet Explorer 11 Bob Rakocy If you don't yet have the very latest Internet Explorer, you can fix many problems by visiting http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and updating to the latest version.

If you want to re-enable Internet Explorer, follow the steps again and check the "Internet Explorer 11" box. Internet Explorer Repair Tool Refactor your code Often, it can take longer to fix than re-think a layout problem. It is a small problem but revolves around the fact that when the browsers bottom edge is moved up and down again that IE7 will forget the height setting and the This are the initials of my name and there is a different between initials and links.

In 1986, PC Magazine brought Neil on board to handle the torrent of Turbo Pascal tips submitted by readers. Microsoft Fix It You could put it into an IE6-specific CSS file, but how will that make maintenance easier? re 8) Why avoid percentage dimensions? Yes, it adds one (perfectly valid) line of markup to your document.

Internet Explorer Repair Tool

Other than using something such as VMware there does not seem to be a reliable way of doing this, or for that matter a decent online reference for CSS support. Repair on Windows XP Because Internet Explorer 6 comes installed on Windows XP by default, you do not have access to the IE repair tool and have to repair/reinstall by using How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Setting hasLayout can also be essential if you need to make an inline element such as a link into a block or apply transparency effects. How To Get Internet Explorer Back Repeatedly press F8 as the computer starts up.

Thanks for voting! Why always this frickle just to serve IE users? To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Current tests show IE8 to handle CSS2.1 really well (and not just mine, but those of other people too, some of which have commented here). Ie6 Not Working In Xp

I know it's nice to have your CSS pass W3C validation but in the real world we have to cater for IE, and that means sometimes using IE specific properties to As always, we recommendupgrading to the latest available. rimmer333 Attention! I think most system administrators have enough trouble already!

This database is called the Windows Registry or more commonly known as the Registry. Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Due to this we are required to trick the operating system into thinking IE 6 is not installed. The Rich Text ...

Right click on that entry and left click on Modify.

The Rich Text ... Now, I am expected to support a browser that is almost 10 years old even though rectifying the situation is a simple matter of downloading and installing an updated browser? Conditional comments are more easily maintainable because if a bug occurs only in a certain browser (read: IE6), you know where to look first and/or where to add a fix (IE6's Download Internet Explorer 6 The only kind of "hacks" I consider safe are those by which you specify a value that would otherwise be set anyway.

display:inline will fix the problem and, although it should not be required, your CSS remains valid. 4. Method 5 Disabling Internet Explorer (Windows 8) 1 Press .⊞ Win and type "windows features". Follow these steps for repairing Internet Explorer 6: Click on the Start button and then click on the Run option. However, IE6 will not add 20-30% if you understand the issues and make it work from the start.

The Watchman I got so excited when I saw this >avoid hacks and conditional CSS< but then as I read on I shook my head. Again, use conditional comments if you prefer them. For more details, you can refer to our previous blog post. You're !important hack might technically be valid code, but it's just as much of a hack as using an underscore.

Until recently I was determined to make all my sites IE6 compliant, but for a personal redesign I made a conscious decision not to do so. Alex 11. It is very reasonable to upgrade to a browser that came out in the last 5 years. More» See More + Comments Login or Register Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Test to see if the problem is resolved. http://www.optimalworks.net/ Craig Buckler Note that zoom is an IE-specific property and will trigger CSS validation errors. Method 4 Reinstalling Internet Explorer (Windows XP, Vista, 7) 1 Visit the Internet Explorer download page. If for example a financials company has a provider who writes code to provide info to other companies and decides to pull thier support for IE6 then surely that is a

Or else your links will become inaccessible. Put it this way, if you are a client receiving two identical web quotes, but one supported IE6 and one didn't, which would you go for? Erm, pot/kettle - how is the link you posted relevant to this topic? :| SD Erm, pot/kettle - how is the link you posted relevant to this topic? :| Ha ha For example, minimum heights can be defined using the code: #element { min-height: 20em; height: auto !important; /* understood by all browsers */ height: 20em; /* IE6 incorrectly uses this value

I do see your point in that some users don't know this and won't upgrade because of it though. You will only be exploiting the fact that IE6 will/won't understand certain properties. For IE5.5 and IE6.0, you can overlay an iframe then put your sub-menu over that.