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Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up “Error #2038” : while file upload in flex up vote -1 down vote favorite I figured out an error as Error #2038 toString()methodoverride public function toString():StringLanguage Version:ActionScript 3.0Runtime Versions:Flash Player 9, AIR 1.0, Flash Lite 4 Returns a string that contains all the properties of the ErrorEvent object. Options are to reacquire the voucher or to fix the clock. 3328Server error; retry the request. The code is working properly before. his comment is here

Check the network connection. 3306Client update required (Flash Access server requires new client). This error also appears for out-of-range assignments, such as the following: var m0:int = 2147483648; // int.MAX_VALUE == 2147483647 You can also see this error when using the bitwise left shift Event listeners can access this information through the inherited cancelable property. text:String (default = "") — Text to be displayed as an error message. Retry the operation. 3322Device binding failed. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/Error.html

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Internal stores are corrupt and has been deleted. Top Level Error - AS3 Properties | Properties | Constructor | Methods | Global Constants | Events | Styles | Skin Parts | Skin States | Effects | Constants | Global The AGAL declaration has to match the texture used.3755Rectangle textures have to disable mip mapping and can not have a lod bias set.3756AGAL validation failed: Depth output must set only x

Then follow these steps -- First try dispatching the HTTPStatusEvent -- Check what error is coming. Run-Time Errors Properties | Properties | Constructor | Methods | Global Constants | Events | Styles | Skin Parts | Skin States | Effects | Constants | Global Functions | Functions Current version is %2.3618AGAL validation failed: Bad AGAL program type identifier for %1 program.3619AGAL validation failed: Shader type must be either fragment or vertex for %1 program.3620AGAL validation failed: Invalid opcode, As3 Throw Exception Why do we use the electron volt?

How do I factory reset my Charge or Charge HR? As3 Throw Error Tick in these thins only, you wouldn't want to lose the browsing data. Business... Get More Info Other possible security errors include errors due to a crossdomain.xml file, which restricts client access based on domain, or if crossdomain.xml is not accessible. 3316The value of LocalConnection.isPerUser cannot be changed

If you're having difficulty updating your tracker to the latest version, read our troubleshooting steps. Flexnet Error If you intend to call browser script, use navigateToURL instead.2170Security sandbox violation: %1 cannot send HTTP headers to %2.2171The Shader object contains no byte code to execute.2172The ShaderJob is already running Detected %3 but can only support %2 for %1 program.3722Event.FRAME_LABEL event can only be registered with FrameLabel object.3723Invalid Context3D bounds. I remove the loader from the Dictionary when it is done loading.

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In my case, it was due to the Loader getting garbage collected. Either way, the code is straightforward, especially if you have written Java exception handling code before.The example code presents key properties (ID, message, and name), a key method (getStackTrace()), and the As3 Error Codes For more information, see the CREATE TABLE section in the appendix SQL support in local databases. 3132Data type mismatch. Flex Error Handling Reacquire the voucher from the server.

Choosing your Java IDE Find out what to look for in a Java IDE and get tips for deciding which of the top three--Eclipse,... http://bigvideogamereviewer.com/flex-error/flex-error-loading-jvm-dll.html Calling SWF was %3.2157Rejecting URL %1 because the 'asfunction:' protocol may only be used for link targets, not for networking APIs.2158The NetConnection Object is invalid. Cracking in progress How did Smith get to see Cypher alone? An error message only occurs in response to a message sent within the system. Flex Error Codes

Mon Sep 12 2016, 07:14 PM -07:00 Legal Notices|Online Privacy Policy ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform Home | Show Packages and Classes ListHide Packages and Classes List| Note: This example does not work if you have a file named MissingFile.xml in the same directory as your SWF file. The following is the code listing for the simple example.http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="900" height="900" applicationComplete="testException()">